A great welcome to everyone who takes a few minutes to visit my blog, and hope you will return. I started off scrapbooking, but making cards soon overtook and I really enjoy seeing the end results. I enjoy blog hopping to see the wonderful creations from other crafters, there really are some talented, friendly people out there.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Crafters Block and Time !!!

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would let you all know that due to both work pressures and family commitments I won't be posting as often for a short while.  I will try and post twice a month so please keep a look out for anything new.  I really appreciate everyone who takes the time and effort to pop over and take a look at my designs, but I think at the moment because I'm feeling some pressure and a bit stressed I'm struggling with ideas and also time to feel relaxed crafting.  I will also try to continue taking a peek at all your lovely blogs and the wonderful cards you produce, especially the people who have taken the time over the past few months to support me in my card making adventure and look at my blog.  I have 3 retirement cards on the go at the moment which are orders for work, so will post these as soon as I've completed them.

See you all soon,  best wishes, Dee xxx

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