A great welcome to everyone who takes a few minutes to visit my blog, and hope you will return. I started off scrapbooking, but making cards soon overtook and I really enjoy seeing the end results. I enjoy blog hopping to see the wonderful creations from other crafters, there really are some talented, friendly people out there.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Birthday card and Tilly

Evening everyone, hope everyone is enjoying such a gorgeous Good Friday, although the wind is a little on the chilly side, it's so good to have the sun shining bright and dry. It makes you feel so good doesn't it.

Tonight I am posting a birthday card I made recently for a friend's birthday.  I love these colours.
I've also posted an updated photo of Tilly, as you can see she has changed quite a bit especially in her face. She has settled in really well and learns so quickly, she's loved so much by all the family.

Thank you so much to you all who have left comments on my recent postings, the problem when you do not post regularly is that people become disinterested but I really enjoy following all the lovely blogs from crafty friends. See you soon hugz Dee x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tilly - New family mmber

Hi crafty mates,

Sorry I haven't been around much again recently but there doesn't seem enough hours in the day, I can't believe it's 1st March already, but at least we have quite a few spring bulbs rearing their little heads in the garden, which is lovely to see after all the wet dreary days we've had

Anyhow, I have attached a photo of the new member of our family, Tilly Scott, we've had her for 2 weeks,and she is 11 weeks old on Monday,
 She is a lovely honey and white Cockapoo.  She's so loving and is learning so quickly, I'll update you in the near future as she grows a little.

I've still got a few cards that I've made over the last few months, and the one below is a wedding card
I made for a friend of my son's.  the NEC show is coming up shortly and I will be going along with a friend. I've said I'm not going to buy a lot this time, but you know what it's like when you see all the lovely goodies...

Hope you like the photos, see you all soon. Hugz Dee xxx

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cricut machine now Sold

Hi everyone,  meant to mention that I have now sold my Cricut machine and thanks to all who replied saying you would keep an eye out for anyone who may be interested. Dee x

80th Birthday Card

Morning everyone,

Today here in south Birmingham is a bright and sunny morning. The wind has blown away thank good along with the rain for now...I expect...  Atleast we haven't had the terrible storms that a lot of people on the coast have had.

Todays card is one I made last year for one of my friends, mom's 80th birthday in November.  It is a 7 x 7" square card using various dies. I still have a few to blog from last year, but now making a start on this year's, quite a few family birthdays coming along, and I have to think of a special one for hubby who is 60 in March!  Better get my thinking cap on very darn quick. See you soon Hugz Dee x

Friday, 10 January 2014

Granddaughters birthday card -2013

Good evening everyone.
Well 2014 has not started well for me so far, I have had the flu which turned to bronchitis so had to pay a visit to GP to get antibiotics. Haven't been out since new years eve, except to surgery!! Lets hope the year improves... 
I have decided to start posting some cards that I made throughout 2013 but for various reasons never got around to posting them.  I've started with my grandaughters 2nd birthday card and will try and post more regularly this year.  I have to get crafting soon, as I have lots of birthdays comng up. I couldn't believe the price that cards are now, as I had to buy some towards end of 2013 - not being able to make any for family and friends due to the sad loss of my father.

Look forward to seeing all the lovely designs from crafty bloggers during 2014...
Hugz Dee x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


A very happy new year to all fellow crafty bloggers. I hope 2014 brings exciting ideas and designs to the crafting world. Hugz Dee x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dad's last Birthday card

Morning everyone,

My dad's funeral took place yesterday, wednesday 13th November, and if he was looking down he would be so pleased and proud as the whole ceremony was beautiful. The RAFA and Royal British Legion  did him proud. There were numerous standard bearers who honoured him and  old friends and colleagues attended as he was wonderfully thought in high esteem by everyone. Although obviously a very upsetting day both my sister and I felt so proud of him and to have had so many good years with him.  I have posted the last birthday card I gave to him in June on his 89th birthday. I never gt around to post before as since then his health started to deteriorate and I haven't really done much blogging recently.

Hopefully 2014 will be a happier year.  Hugz Dee x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sad news of my Dad

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry I've been absent from the blog world over the past few weeks, but as some of you will know, my dearest dad has been unwell for several months and over the past few weeks deteriorated considerably.  After a very brave battle my dad passed away peacefully on saturday 2nd November 2013.  He battled so hard and was in such excrutiating pain over the past few weeks. Atleast now he is out of pain and together with my mom and his mom and dad.  

Below is a photo I posted of him last year which shows him so proud in his RAFA blazer and medals. Also the last photo I took of him with his great granddaughter.

Love you dad always. God Bless x

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Birthday girl in a glass

Hi everyone on this beautiful sunday evening. We have enjoyed a lovely day with my son, Dil & granddaughter, we went to a beautiful old pub in lapworth, Warwickshire for a lunchtime belated 30th birthday meal for our son.  We were babysitting for 4 days, sharing with my DIL's parents whilst they went to new york for his birthday. We were absolutely shattered by sunday afternoon, but nontheless had a wonderful time with our little granddaughter.

My card today is a 40th birthday card that I made back in March for my ex boss's niece. A few of you may remember my plea back in February asking if anyone knew where I could locate a particular stamp. Thanks to all you friendly crafty people I had several replies telling me it was a sassy digi stamp, and this is the card I produced.

Hope you all like it, see you soon folks. Hugz Dee x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Anniversary Card

Evening everyone,

Well today has certainly been a windy and wet Sunday (as forecast), see, they do get the weather right sometimes!!

The card I am posting today is one I made for my son & DIL's 3rd anniversary back in June.  I've used Clarity stamp and several different die cuts.  See you all soon.  Hugz Dee x

Friday, 6 September 2013

Birthday cards x 2

Hi everyone,
We've just got back from a short break, we've had a lovely week weather wise, but it has gone very cold today. We visited Highclere Castle (Downton) yesterday and it was burning hot, such a difference today.

I've got quite a little build up of cards made that I haven't yet blogged and here are a couple of cards made for friends birthdays. Hope you like. See you soon hugz Dee x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Fathers day card

Hi fellow crafters,

I have been busy over the bank holiday having a clear out and change around of my wardrobes, also started having a sort out of my craft room, I 'm shattered, shouldn't have started both at the same time!! Hubby was on shift so thought I would use the time effectively. I went shopping with a friend Saturday to Worcester and of course I bought some new clothes, hence the sort out.. Lol..

Anyhow, my card today is one I made for my dad on Fathers Day this year. As I think a few of you know he was in the RAF and loves anything with aeroplanes. His health has deteriorated considerably this year and the only pleasure he's now got is watching the tv and seeing family.
I hope you like it, be back sooon with more offerings. Hugz Dee x
Ps: sorry about the small picture but you can't alter it when sending from the i- pad.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Scrumptious Crafts: Get well & Birthday cards

Scrumptious Crafts: Get well & Birthday cards

Get well & Birthday cards

Hi Folks,

It's been longer again than I anticipated to post again, I've been busy working on a couple of birthday cards. One for a little nephew and the other for our son who is 30 this year! Phew where do the years go, it doesn't seem 5 minutes since he was 3......

Anyhow, because of my absence from the blog world over the past few months, I have quite a few to post so at least I'm not short of material....

Tonight I'm posting 2 I made a few months ago for a colleagues birthday and a get well for a friend. Hope you like them. Hugz Dee x

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Birthday card

Ahoy there, I'm back craft mates,

it's been an age since I last blogged. I haven't stopped crafting altogether, but limited on time to play and enjoy it, I just seem to be racing to make a card for family or friends at the moment. I have been trying to keep up to date with a lot of your blogs though, as I just love to see the beautiful cards you all produce and read any info on things you've all been up to lately, as well as any new products. I do hope you won't have completely forgotten me and my little blog after such a long break.

My card today is one I made for a work friend's birthday, she has again started to bake with her little grandson so thought it fitted the bill nicely. I've used LOTV stamp with an easil design. Hoy you like it. Hugs Dee x.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

All dressed up birthday card

Hello everyone,

It's not been too bad a week weather wise in birmingham this week, let's hope it continues to improve.

My card tonight was made for my nephew's partner, it was her birthday yesterday and she deserved a lovely day after everything she's been going through over the past 6 months. She's now coming near to the end of her chemo and things are looking very positive. Sorry it isn't a very clear photo but the pale colours haven't come out very well.

Hope you like it, be back soon. Dee x