A great welcome to everyone who takes a few minutes to visit my blog, and hope you will return. I started off scrapbooking, but making cards soon overtook and I really enjoy seeing the end results. I enjoy blog hopping to see the wonderful creations from other crafters, there really are some talented, friendly people out there.

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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Feathers On The Wing of Time

Sorry folks, would help if I attached a photo of the card, it's been a busy day .......

Thanks for looking



  1. Ooo this is lovely Dee. I have these stamps but have never used them with perfect pearls great Idea . BTW, Karen(one of your followers) is my best crafty mate! Karen made me a handmade card I said "how did you make that?" Some years on and totally 'skint' I NOW know ! xxx

  2. A lovely card, welcome to the blogging world. Im one of Eileen's many crafty friends and followers of her blog also. Would love to follow you but cannot find the followers bit on your page. Please let me know where to find it. Look forward to your next posting. Please take a look at mine sometime (altho I need to do a bit of catching up after Xmas!!) xx

  3. lovely card - well done, I love the vintage ladies, they are so elegant!

  4. Dee...your followers list is a bit too far down the page that's why Angela missed it .... I will go on her blog and ask her to pop back ....every little helps ! xx