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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sparkling Snowflakes Cards

Hi Crafty mates,

Wish I could say I felt better, I think someone's got it in for me over the past 2-3weeks.  First I came down with the dreaded stomach bug and had to come home from work, and now I've got a humdinger of a cold that's making me feel under the weather and a bit sorry for myself, basically I'm fed up with sneezing... now I know how Rudolph feels. lol .....  Plus to top it all off, my Son and DIL both came down with the stomach bug in the early hours of Saturday morning and felt really poorly, so my husband had to go and collect Abigail from their house on his way home from work, and she was really niggly all day and also started with it last night, so hence no card making has been done this weekend either!!!   Or decorating, present wrapping, or even getting the tree down from the loft..So I feel really behind this year.  Is there anyone else out there the same? 
So decision made I'm afraid only close family and a couple of close friends will receive handmade cards this christmas.  It has been decided at work that cards are not being sent, money is being given to charity instead, so at least that cuts down the volume a little. 

Well I've posted a couple of cards I made last week, the theme is snowflakes all glittery, red, black and white.  Mainly using a variation of die cuts, glitter papers and ribbon.   simples...
Be back soon.
Dee xxx


  1. Oh wow Matey ... I hope you feel better now ...all of you!! What a bummer so close to Christmas. Takes a while to recover so don't go over doing stuff just to catch up!

    These cards are sooo different and I love 'em. I like the colours you have used and just the 'drama' of it all! I hope you have a super duper Christmas.. I will be back here before then I hope ! ... but just in case...! Thanks for all the support during the year, It means a lot x ... hugs Eileen xxxx

  2. Hi there dee well these are certainly different and hope you are over the humdinger of a cold by now it does make you so miserable! I also want to say thanks for being an encouragement to me through 2011.
    All the blessings of the season as we celebrate the birth of the dear Lord Jesus and the greatest Gift of all, love Shaz in oz. x